Books Authored by Iris A. Foreman

His Name Forever: The Story Behind the Name of GOD

A thorough research and  study of the true name of the Creator written of in the Holy Bible.


If you have ever picked up a Bible, attended a church, or entered into a spiritual conversation with a Christian, you are probably well acquainted with these two terms: God and the Lord. Both are frequently used in reference to the creator of the heavens and the earth. For many people, those words actually represent His name. What about to you? Is God His name? Or, is it the Lord?

His Name Forever is a must read for anyone who wants to know His true name. It is a book that will help you understand why all those other terms ever used are not His Name Forever.

There is a Story Behind the Name of “God” that explains its significance to Him and to those who have worshiped Him in times past. There is only one name that He revealed as His own. Is that name even relevant today?

As you read, you will see that this one name did not change, but people did. From the time of Seth in the Old Testament to the era of the Messiah in the New Testament, the Almighty One had the same name.

This book will explain in an easy to follow way why so few people, even today, call Him by His name. After reading this book that is well-researched and supported by biblical and other historical documents, you will be challenged to call Him by His Name Forever.

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The Old Testament (TaNaKh) in a Nutshell

A good overview and reference tool of the Old Testament section of the Bible.

Have you ever wished you had a better understanding of the Old Testament?

The Old Testament (Tanakh) in a Nutshell summerizes the Old Testament text into an easy-to-read and understand format. This primer  is an ideal study and reference tool for everyone who reads the Old Testament scriptures and the New Testament writings.

Learn the story behind the writings and enhance your understanding.

The Old Testament (Tanakh) in a Nutshell contains bullets, tables, charts , and snippets of key data rather than  pages of confusing narrative.

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