You are welcome to join me on my journey for the search of truth. I am not afraid to question the status quo if it will bring me closer to understanding or overstanding life. Truth is more important to me than unsubstantiated speculations and time-honored tales. Therefore, I believe in scholarly research of historical, biblical, and cultural data.      Please feel free to look around, read my writings, ask me questions, or just give me your opinions.

Books by Iris A. Foreman

The Old Testament (Tanakh) in a Nutshell


Once you get a handle of the main premise of the Old Testament Scriptures you will be amazed at your understanding of no just the Old Testament but the New Testament as well.   

The Old Testament (Tanakh) In a Nutshell is an easy-to-read primer that will become your number one  reference book for Bible study.

His Name Forever: The Story Behind the Name of "God"



The god written of in the Bible is rarely called by his name.  There are reasons for this and those reasons are not valid.

In this book, His Name Forever, a thorough study is done to identify this mighty power's name that he wished to be known by,  Using the Bible and history, readers will understand why his name is seldom used.

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